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Since 2004, White Sand Abrasives has been dedicated to supplying products with the highest quality and lowest prices possible. We believe in exceptional customer service, and regularly go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ needs with sales reps that have industry knowledge and experience. 

Our dedication to customers also includes addressing their concerns and finding products that are better suited to their individual shop environments.  We build our customer base on quality, pricing and industry knowledge and the experience that our sales staff brings to the table.  We care more about getting you the right products at the right time so you are not held up when your customers depend on you to deliver the right product at the right time.  Quality in = Quality out.

Whitesand Abrasives staff is in constant contact with premium suppliers, and we never stop working to improve our product selection and service offerings for our clients. Browse our site for more information, and always feel free to reach out with your questions.

Freight Shipping Containers
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